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Are some cuts actually beneficial?

Posted by: Simon / 11.05.2012

It was interesting to read this recent report, which suggests that cuts in organisation training budgets have led to employers looking at more creative ways to train their staff, including things like social networking, mentoring and work experience - and what's more a majority found their training improved as a result!

Now some long-serving HR people will no doubt be rolling their eyes at this, pointing out that they have said for years that training doesn't just mean a "training course" and that training embedded in the workplace is often better.  But when there is plenty of money around, it can be the easy option simply to suggest running a course when a need is identified.

Over the last couple of years I've met dozens of middle ranking civil servants, almost all of whom will admit that many of the current cuts in "support services" have simply forced them to look more laterally at how they can deliver the same results with fewer resources - and in most cases they can.

If the current "austerity" measures are having any positive effect, perhaps it's to remind managers that they should be focussing on results, not processes.

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